Virtual Creative Arts Therapy


When the COVID-19 pandemic happened, a lot of us had to make the switch to virtual therapy. Creative arts therapists had to become even more creative with exercises and how to utilize at-home tools to support you in the virtual space. As we enter a post-COVID-19 world, we still practice virtual therapy options and see […]

Taking Risks: Imagine the Possibilities

A photo of child grasping a handful of leaves while playing outside. The photo is on a purple background that reads in white lettering: “Creative Arts Therapists Be Like…Imagine The Possibilities.”

As a Creative Arts Therapist, entrepreneur, and general lover of the creative process, I find that I am most myself when I am exploring my curiosity and dreaming about what could be.

Career Changes in a Pandemic

Image Description: Unfocused image of a fading dancer wearing a dress

The COVID-19 pandemic has disrupted life in so many ways. Performing artists have been especially impacted by the economic, social, and emotional effects of the pandemic. Young artists who were just beginning their careers were halted in their tracks and progress toward their dreams postponed. Established artists who had come to rely on the security and consistency of regular work found themselves unemployed with uncertain prospects for the future.

How Do You Talk About Sex?

two women standing in the center wearing winter clothing in front of a snowy evergreen tree. One of the women is whispering into the ear of the other woman with her hand up to her mouth. The other woman looks surprised and is covering her mouth with her hand.

Sex is hard to discuss. Many people feel uncomfortable, embarrassed, or ashamed when the topic comes up in conversation. Some folks think they can talk about sex with anyone but the person they are having sex with.

Three Things to Say to Someone with Mental Illness

May is Mental Health Awareness month. There is much stigma around Mental Illness and seeking support for mental health. It is relatively common for me to hear clients say things such as “I should be able to do this” or “I just need to get over it.”

An Ode to Therapy Clients Everywhere…

From Amy Goldbeck, LPC, R-DMT, CH You may not realize it, but I admire you clients so deeply. I want to say… Just look at you! Showing up for yourself. You are a living example of recognizing something deep and important. Something has caught your attention, and you are acknowledging it. That inkling or whatever […]

Demystifying the Therapeutic Process

Therapy is about curiosity and paying attention. Really, that’s it. Of course, there are endless ways in which these core concepts are expressed or complicated based on the lived experience and the needs of the client. And of course this all takes place within the context of the relationship between client and therapist, which can […]

Dance/Movement Therapy and Authentic Movement

When I first heard Brene Brown’s Ted Talk “The Power of Vulnerability”, something deep inside of me stirred. I knew it to be true. I also felt validated as this is how I was living my life, however; I never saw our ability to be vulnerability as a strength or even a source of power. […]

The Necessary Mirage

How Metaphors and Reframing Support Growth and UnderstandingI love metaphors. My right brain-creative side just adores them. They are so helpful to me, because they paint a picture in my mind that is easier to understand and remember than the mere facts of a situation. For example, I could ask myself, “Why do you keep […]

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