Music Therapy

Music therapy is an evidence-based holistic mental health therapy approach. Music has a way of reaching emotions, beliefs, and memories that are difficult to identify or describe verbally. If you find yourself drawn to music as a way of supporting yourself, stuck in the same cycle of patterns and
behaviors, wanting to explore your personal identity in a creative way, or have trouble engaging in traditional talk therapy, music therapy may be a good match for you.

Music therapists use both receptive and creative techniques, such as writing original songs with personal meaning, improvising musical sounds to explore emotional expression, and using music to promote relaxation and mindfulness. You may learn how to play instruments in order to gain new skills such as communication, focused attention, healthy leisure, or coping strategies for depression, anxiety, or addiction recovery. No matter what, a music therapist will take your personal abilities and interests into account because you are the focus of the therapeutic process.

Music therapy may help to deepen your awareness and connection to your emotional, spiritual, social, and sensory experiences. Many aspects of human nature are inherently rhythmic: our heartbeat, our breath, when we walk and talk to each other. Even if you don’t believe you are a musician, you are musical because you are human. Music therapy experiences are designed to be accessible and adaptive to your unique needs, and can be beneficial for people of all ages and abilities.

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