From Amy Goldbeck, LPC, R-DMT, CH

You may not realize it, but I admire you clients so deeply. I want to say…

Just look at you! Showing up for yourself.

You are a living example of recognizing something deep and important. Something has caught your attention, and you are acknowledging it. That inkling or whatever you call it. That nudge. You’ve discovered and responded to the secret invitation from the Universe.

You have recognized the reason why you are here. You are “working the program” by addressing the most basic challenge/lesson/question of all time:

How to love yourself. What does it mean to love yourself? You are doing so by simply showing up. To take a look—at yourself. You have recognized that you are worth the time and attention to process everything personal to you.

Look how trusting you are by being here! So open to learning, receiving and sharing…Just look at you. How BEAUTIFUL is your soul!

How humbled and honored I am to witness and reflect your journey. For you have become a part of mine as well. And you teach and remind me of many important things. Like showing up for yourself. Just look at you! Of course this isn’t the only way to “show up” for yourself, but this is your way, and I get to witness you.

Showing up. Articulating and expressing the difficult, or just sitting in it. Inviting me to sit and be in it with you. Becoming vulnerable in order to grow. Allowing yourself to be seen. Heard. Understood. Known.

How wise of you to love yourself and to KNOW how important and necessary it is.

To show up for yourself.

How courageous of you to step up to the plate amidst the unknown. To show up for your soul. For your purpose. For your highest good. Amazing! Impressive! Beautiful work!

You may not even realize that you are achieving so much, but you really are—just by showing up! I’m taken aback and receiving gifts through you. Thank you for being here and crossing my path, so that I could experience…YOU.

With Flowing Gratitude,
Radiating Heart energy, and
Deep Admiration…
Your therapist
(And Therapists Everywhere)

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