Child and Family Psychotherapy

Being a good parent doesn’t mean you have to do it alone. In a nurturing, communicative, and fun environment you and your child can gain the skills and understanding needed to be successful, gaining autonomy and responsibility.

For children and teens, creative arts therapies are a safe way to explore their experiences and learn a variety of skills on how to approach different challenges. Using dance/movement, art, music, and play-based interventions allows your child to express and process their complicated feelings in a more child-friendly and authentic environment.
As a family, you can learn how to express your emotions, be resourceful, and be empowered to persevere through challenges and tough times. Each individual grows for the family to emerge stronger as a whole.

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Picture of Sabrina Basaria, MA, ATR-P pending

Sabrina Basaria, MA, ATR-P pending

Languages: Hindi/Urdu, Spanish, and English

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