Art Therapy

Art therapy provides a tool to heal without needing to put what you experience into words. Rather, you can create a gentle and safe space to explore and express your inner world.

Relax your mind and body, while learning to let go. Art therapy activates the whole brain, allowing you to find emotional and physical release when feeling stuck. Face difficult traumas, emotions, or fears without the added pressure to verbalize them.

With the gentle guidance of your art therapist, you are led through a curious search for meaning in your artwork. The art made in an art therapy session is considered to be an extension or reflection of you, allowing you to find a fresh perspective and a renewed sense of connection. Based on your interests, you can utilize a variety of materials or media, but you do not need any skill or experience.

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Picture of Sabrina Basaria, MA, ATR-P pending

Sabrina Basaria, MA, ATR-P pending

Languages: Hindi/Urdu, Spanish, and English

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