Every New Year, my cousins and I have a vision board party. I would gather all of my Vogue magazines of that year and my cousins would collect magazines, too, and lay them on my grandmother’s kitchen table. We would spread them across, grab one at a time, and scan through them. After scanning through the glossy pages, we would then cut images that inspired us for the new year. After going through several magazines and cutting dozens of images out, we would begin to glue the cutouts onto a white sheet of paper. We would let it dry overnight as we continued our New Year’s celebrations. The next morning, we would all depart, leaving with our hopes and dreams on our new vision boards for the year. This relaxing and goal-oriented activity would later be a technique I would use for myself and my clients when creating goals for ourselves toward our values, self-worth, and empowerment. 

What is a Vision Board?

According to paintedbrain.org, a website developed to learn creative ways to assist with mental health,  “a vision board is a board that displays images and words that represent your goals for the future.” It can be used to help give guidance and accountability of goals that you might want to achieve in a short period of time or a longer period. You can make the vision board as creative, colorful, structured, unstructured, etc. as you like. Check out more at paintedbrain.org for different art modalities and practices to relieve mental health issues.

Vision Board for Mental Health

Vision boards have been shown as a great artistic therapeutic practice for you to visualize goals, take the lead in your therapy journey, and grow in self awareness. This is all done by selecting the words and images that empower you. 

Vision boards are a creative way to get to know yourself. It is a tool that can be relaxing and goal-oriented for the client’s growth and development. According to paintedbrain.org, “Using a simulation, like visualization, can not only enhance your motivation to achieve whatever goals you have but also increase your belief in your ability to achieve them. More and more people, every day are beginning to recognize the benefits of using creative outlets to help those struggling with mental health problems. Art engagement, in general, has been found to alleviate anxiety, depression, and stress.”

According to Burton and Lent (2016), “These goals could be related to home, life, school, relationships, experiences, situations, values, career aspirations, or educational pursuits…guiding their outcome goals in counseling, which helps clients illuminate for themselves what is important to them.” This can help you take the lead in your therapeutic journey and have autonomy in what your goals are in and outside of counseling sessions.

As you begin to process and better understand yourself through a therapeutic journey, a vision board can help you clearly see the goals you are trying to achieve. Tchiki Davis, Ph.D. in an article on PyschologyToday.com also refers to a vision board as a way to “gain self-awareness and self-reflect on what is important to us.” 

How to Create a Vision Board

Materials Needed:


-Tape or glue

-Several magazines

-Piece of paper

  1. Go through several magazines and search for images or words that represent your future goals.
  2. Begin to cut out the words and images that represent your future goals.
  3. Begin to glue or tape the images and words on the paper in any type of order.
  4. Display the vision board somewhere you can see it. 

Different Ways to Create and Present a Vision Board 

A vision board can also be created in a digital sphere. Creating a digital vision board you can select the most accurate images and words you want for the vision board. You can create the digital vision board by using Canva or PowerPoint as the base (similar to a piece of paper). Collect images and words found online and copy and paste them into the Canva or PowerPoint document. You can then use it as a home screen on your computer, phone, or other electronic device. I recommend placing the digital vision board on a device that you see routinely therefore those goals you have created can be seen often. Essentially, a digital vision board can be accessed literally anywhere and keeps your goals always in sight! 

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