Creatives, Content, and Mental Health in the Deaf Community for Deaf Awareness Month

A person signs “I love you” with her right hand in American Sign Language. (S)he is wearing two silver rings and red nail polish on her hand.

It’s September, and Deaf Awareness Month is here again! As a hearing ally, I firmly believe that Deaf Awareness month should center on Deaf people and perspectives. As a creative arts therapist, I am combining my love of creativity and mental health to bring you Deaf creatives, content creators, and mental health resources. Please consider […]

Three Things to Say to Someone with Mental Illness

May is Mental Health Awareness month. There is much stigma around Mental Illness and seeking support for mental health. It is relatively common for me to hear clients say things such as “I should be able to do this” or “I just need to get over it.”

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