When I read a book, I tend to really get into it.  I take notes, underline, and star various concepts that wow me.  By the end, I feel like the author is my best friend and we’ve just had a great conversation.  And then I have to remind myself that the author has no idea who I am, and I’m only one of many who are touched by his/her words.  Woah.

Now, from here I could choose to feel invisible, unimportant, and well, like a loser.  But I don’t!  I am in awe of the sheer quantity of people who get to be inspired by this book, just like me.  What happens to all of those now-inspired people?  What do they do with that feeling?

Talk to friends? Write their own book? Journal, paint, organize their life?  Make efforts to improve and evolve?  Spread the word?  So many great possibilities.  And then, how many people are further inspired by their expression, story or example?  Wow.

That’s what we are here to do, guys.  To pass it on!  To learn from and inspire others.  It doesn’t have to be your own original idea, uniquely born out of your consciousness.  It will be unique by the very way you relay the message.  Your voice.  Your words.  Your form.  Your feelings and thoughts surrounding it.  Your delivery.  And hey, if you have a personal example to add—even better!

Oh right, so back to the book I read.  Here’s the message, guys.  If you are stuck in any area of your life, pay close attention to these three steps to manifest your happiness.

  1. Visualize the Big Picture.

Whatever goal you have, keep it general.  Go ahead and get creative about the possibilities when you are visualizing, but don’t attach to the details.  You want to get emotionally charged about how awesome this vision is.  In other words, you can choreograph scenarios, paint a picture in your mind, hear a script running as you imagine, but don’t insist or demand on the specifics.    For example, your goal might be to have more love and laughter in your life.  But it doesn’t have to involve the specific people you are envisioning, who are sitting around this awesome outdoor table with string lights hanging from a trellis framework that you want to install, laughing at your jokes and complimenting your hospitality.  Even though you might envision these details, only attach to the bigger, more general goal.

  1. Release the How’s.

The Universe has this part covered.  Don’t worry or stress about how it will come to be.  Don’t plan out the steps.  Don’t chart the path.  Don’t focus on one specific doorway.  Because there are so many possible paths and doorways through which you might be guided.  You don’t have to know this part.

  1. Take physical action.

This is different from the How’s.  The steps.  The directions.  This is preparing the way.  Knowing and acting as if the goal is arriving at any moment.  This is a form of showing up and doing your part.  It could be the way you choose to present yourself, the information you choose to share.  It could be merely changing the way you think (from “Good things never happen to me.” to “Awesome things are coming my way!”).  It could be journaling about or painting out your vision, reading up on the area of growth you want, mingling more, networking, sending out emails, updating your resume or shopping for things that support your goal.  It doesn’t matter.  As long as you are moving, the Universe will move with you and for you.  If you sit around and complain or hope without doing your part, you will indeed stay stuck.  Even if you move in the opposite direction, you will still be guided.  The vision or intent alone isn’t enough.  Add some movement.  Act on your vision.  Implement small changes.

So, there you go.  Being the messenger isn’t so bad.  These ideas are from Mike Dooley’s book, Playing the Matrix.  I bet these ideas are not original to him either, but he sure has a great way of communicating them.  We all say things in our own way, which can reach others who resonate with our unique version.  So… pass it on!

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