Sabrina Basaria, MA, ATR-P


Masters of Arts in Art Therapy and Counseling, Provisional Registered Art Therapist

I am a Provisional Registered Art Therapist with a master’s in counseling an extensive background working with immigrant children, their families, as well as those desiring self-acceptance and self-esteem surrounding their identities. It is my belief that therapy and self-improvement is not a one-person job and the environments in which we are brought up greatly impact who we become. For this reason, your voice will extend past the walls of our therapy room to encompass your society and community at large. Increasing your sense of self-empowerment, you will use your authentic voice to advocate for yourself and the changes you deem necessary within yourself and your community.

Our various identities as individuals can sometimes pull us in opposite directions (opposing forces), occasionally forcing us to put forth different versions of ourselves and keeping our authentic selves hidden. This can cause much anxiety and panic, especially in a society where defining and boxing in individuals is the norm. As a child of an immigrant family, I am keenly aware of immigration-related anxiety and maintaining a balance between your culture and the Western world. I am trilingual in Hindi/Urdu, Spanish, and English and offer sessions in all three languages.

Art-making is not a talent, but an innate instinct, woven into the very fabric of our humanity. At times, you may find yourself longing to regain a connection with your inner child; one who was so full of imagination, creativity, and an overall passion for life. It is my belief that creativity is a way of being, and a practice we can grow together through an open celebration and expression of your identities, cultures, goals, passions, challenges, and more. I am certain that the oomph you are looking for is inside you and together we will bring that part of you back to life so you may begin living and leading by it!

Sabrina is fluent in Hindi/Urdu, Spanish, and English.

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