Katy O’Hanlon Bruns, DMT & Counseling Intern

Dance/Movement Therapy & Counseling Intern

Sometimes, life presents you with experiences that seem insurmountable. You can become overwhelmed physically, mentally, and emotionally, which can make you feel unsure of where to start or how to approach the problem. Together, we can work through all of those feelings and experiences in order to help you gain more insight and find a path that helps to move your life forward.

You may have endured difficult or traumatic experiences throughout your lifetime. On your journey to healing, you seek to understand the connection between your mind and body, and how that connection impacts your emotions and daily living. I am a dance/movement therapy and counseling intern working with all ages, from young children through older adults. I am able to provide support for mental health challenges (such as anxiety and depression), life transitions, parenting, and chronic pain. I love working with clients who are interested in exploring body-based work as a means of better understanding themselves. Whether you are a professional performing artist or someone who simply enjoys movement and creativity, we can work together to explore those avenues to promote your continued growth and healing.

It is my goal to offer you holistically integrated care through a creative, collaborative, and compassionate relationship. I will strive to help you attend to all parts of your identity—physical, emotional, spiritual, and relational— in order to experience growth and healing.

Katy O'Hanlon Bruns Portrait
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You don’t have to go through your life struggles alone.

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