Adrien Guadagnino


Counseling and Art Therapy Intern

As an art therapist in training, I provide a non-judgmental and creative place to connect to your innate wholeness and humanity. You are deserving of support and encouragement as you navigate the many challenges and interferences with your sense of belonging within a society that often tells you otherwise. My passion is providing support that helps you realign with the truths and wisdom already within yourself.

Working from an intersectional and culturally informed framework, I value your expertise while working toward your version of a balanced and fulfilling life. I believe healing comes from community collaboration and unconditional care for whatever unique experiences you are bringing in. Working with children and youth, I witnessed a vast dissonance between what is expected of them in a system and the support that is given. I am hopeful of advocating and working with spaces that allow and celebrate our full expression, regardless of age. As a trans person, I am frequently considering what navigating the world with a body is all about and exploring practices of self-compassion.

Nurturing deeper connections with our bodies is not only crucial for our interpersonal lives but can extend its impact into our communities and the land around us.

I welcome anyone looking to use art to move us from one point to another, forging connections between emotion, ideas, and new insights. This can be an extremely vulnerable experience, so I promise to bring my most genuine self as we forge a safe and trusting relationship while moving towards a more empowered perspective.

Adrien Guadagnino portrait

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