Individual Psychotherapy

You likely find yourself here because you want to feel whole, free, and like your best self. You desire to be understood and accepted by yourself and others and desire something different in how you approach your journey. Here, you will explore growth and healing in new ways. Find a deeper connection to the parts of yourself that have perhaps been tucked away, find freedom in facing your fears or desires, and connect to sources of joy and confidence in mind and body.

Maybe you have trouble talking about what brings you here, and that’s okay. Creatively, we can explore your story from all aspects of your experience – mentally, emotionally, physically, spiritually, and relationally. Grounded in the use of creative arts therapies, mindfulness, and somatic awareness, we believe the steps towards clarity, growth, and empowerment are about much more than talking.

While our therapists are trained in many theories and approaches to therapy, they are uniquely skilled in supporting you by using creative thinking and creative expression (i.e. art, movement, music, guided imagery, etc.) to build new skills and insights. Build tools to get through the tough times, but also find ownership in creating the next chapter of your life. It’s time to be true to yourself, and align with who you wish to be.

Woman looking out of a window

You don’t have to go through your life struggles alone.

Getting started with us is simple and straightforward no matter how new or experienced you are on your mental health journey.

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