How Different Would You Be?

How different would you be if you remembered selecting to be YOU in this lifetime?  How different would your relationships be if you remembered selecting your parents, your siblings, your partners, and your friends?  How different would your self-image be if you remembered selecting your body, your talents, your shining moments?  How different would you be if you remembered why these selections were important?  Oh, and by the way, you don’t select your children.  They selected you.  Dang.  Good job on your selections!

You set yourself up with these fellow souls, with these circumstances and obstacles, with these unique yet universal struggles.  What a beautiful playwright!  What perfect scenes and realistic choreography (wink).  Because you are part of the perfection—part of the Divine.  You also chose to come into this life with amnesia or The Great Forgetting, or whatever you want to call the cultural socialization/confusion of not remembering who you really are.  So that—you could learn, grow, make choices, discover, and…remember.  So that—you could overcome, realize your fortitude and inner wisdom and help others to do the same.  Man!  What a great story your life is.  Your character development is wickedly intricate.  Your foreshadowing is flawless.  Your imperfections are perfect.  I can’t wait to see what happens next.

Keep me posted, ‘K?

You are the director and the actor.  So, go ahead and play your part.  Be the YOU that you knew you could be.  Play it with your whole heart to the nth degree.

***This does not ever mean that you chose to be traumatized.  We do not select the choices of others.  We all have free will in this school on Earth.

By Amy Goldbeck, R-DMT, LPC

Past-Life Regression Therapist

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