How often do you find yourself saying you “need to get in touch with                ?” The need to “get in touch” may imply that you are seeking something – something of importance and value. Perhaps you need to get in touch with a family member that you haven’t spoken to in a while. Perhaps you desire getting in touch with a local community, to connect with like-minded people with shared interests and purposes. Perhaps you need to get in touch with yourself, your feelings, your passions, your spirit, a higher power, nature, your thoughts on a topic, a solution, your creativity, your purpose, what it means to love, what it means to trust…there are so many ways to fill the blank.

Really what we are seeking is a sense of connection. We are born with this desire and need. Interestingly, getting “in touch” is a physical metaphor of engaging with something. We literally use touch to connect with the world around us throughout our day. Babies need touch to survive. We feel most intimate with others or with an experience when we use touch. The physical sensation of touch sends signals to our brain that translates our external experiences into an internal one that is full of sensory information, emotions, and meaning. We even use other metaphors of touch to describe these internal experiences. We say we are “under a lot of pressure” when we are uncomfortable, or that we need to “let go” of the burden we have been “holding on to.” We feel “touched” by others’ generosity and need to “grab” that next opportunity.

So you may be wondering how to get in touch. Sure, getting in touch with someone you care about may be as obvious as a phone call or planning a way to meet with them. Getting in touch with yourself, your spirituality, or a sense of purpose or understanding may be completely different. Trust that you know what you need to do. Connect with that internal source of inspiration. Here are some easy everyday exercises:

1. Touch something that is comforting. Hold something in your hands. Close your eyes and focus on that sensation of the connection while you breathe. Once you have settled in and your mind has quieted, ask yourself a question or set an intention for the next few moments of mindfulness. Listen to the responses that come from within.

2. Talk to someone for support. Describe your experience including your thoughts, feelings, and physical sensations. Pay attention to what you learn by taking time to focus on the entirety of your experience.

3. Create. Create a piece of art, cook a meal, and write in a journal. The options are endless. The act of creating is in and of itself problem-solving and connecting to the present moment. You will activate your greatest strengths, perhaps tap into your intuition, and feel a sense of rejuvenation or direction.

So what is it that you want to get in touch with today? With what or whom do you want to connect? What are you waiting for? Try it. Connect. Get in touch.

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