Cree Noble

I am currently an intern at InTouch & Motion studying clinical mental health counseling and drama therapy. I work with multicultural clients, LGBTQ+ populations, depression, anxiety, life transitions, grief, couples, and sexual trauma. As you go through life changes, new awakenings, or wanting to change directions, I want to assist you in this new pathway through resiliency, empathy, and finding your inner peace. My approach allows you to take the lead in our sessions while incorporating drama therapy and other expressive arts in order to unlock hidden meanings.
A collection of different photos and words pasted on a blank canvas.
Creativity and Healing
Cree Noble

Valuing the Vision Board

Imagine a canvas of possibilities, where every cut-out image and word pastes a part of your aspirations and dreams. That’s the essence of a vision board, a powerful tool for personal development, relaxation, and empowerment. Cree Noble shares the transformative journey of vision board creation, from festive New Year gatherings to its profound impact in therapy and self-growth. Learn how this artistic practice aids in visualizing goals, enhancing self-awareness, and managing mental health.

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