Captions: 5 Tools For Coping With Stress Without Thinking About It

Video 1: Creativity

Amanda — “For me personally, I’ve always struggled with words like having the words to say what it is that I want to say, feeling like I’m going to like to stumble on it or even just having something that, in my knowledge of language, accurately represents what it is that I am feeling. So when I enter a creative space, no matter what that is, art, movement, cooking, organizing something else. When I entered that space allows me to set aside that gesture or the need to have language to describe or articulate, because I can describe articulate in the the creative process in a completely different way. So it helps me all my experience in a way that feels like true and authentic to me” 

Video 2 - Spirituality:

“Part of my experience of spirituality is this general sense of longing, longing to understand, to connect more deeper to my self, to my ancestry, to my community, just a slight, higher sense of purpose and meaning. And so oftentimes when I find myself facing a question-related to that, it’s like, where am I going in my life or what is my purpose? Or How can I support this person and their purpose and their journey? I find myself needing to answer that through creativity because words oftentimes don’t represent quite enough what that is. And when I feel like I don’t know the answer, I gain more insight by exploring it in a way where I can listen to my body and my sense of spiritual connection to give me guidance towards an answer or new insight around that journey.”


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