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Rock on with the power of heavy metal
Identity and Culture
Cara Paden

Hardcore Metal is Soothing Music

Music has the power to soothe us, regardless of genre. It’s more about how we listen than what we listen to. Stereotypes about music genres are irrelevant, as music is neither good nor bad. It’s what we bring to it that gives it meaning. It’s important to find what music works for us individually, even if it’s not the norm. Experiment with different genres and styles to find what makes you feel relaxed, energized, or focused. Create a playlist or set aside time each day to listen to your chosen music, and enjoy the positive effects it can have on your wellbeing.

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mage Description: A chalkboard shows the words "Yes" and "No" with "Yes" marked as selected.
Couples and Intimate Partners
Jordan Ferranto, LCPC, ATR

Reclaiming your Body – Consent as a Spectrum

For survivors of sexual assault -who are navigating a nuanced process of regaining safety and autonomy over their traumatized bodies- the question of whether or not you want to have sex is one that often elicits a more complex response than a simple yes or no. The spectrum of consent is an effective tool to help solve that question.

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The person who’s wearing a purple shirt is showing both hands. Hands are filled with words that describe a variety of emotions and personalities and say “Just Me” in the middle.
Embracing Change
Sara Heidbreder, LCPC, BC-DMT, GLCMA

Accepting our emotions

When you think about depression or anxiety, what kind of image do you have about them? You may think that they are problematic or bad emotions that you would like to get rid of.

In the spirit of Mental Health Awareness Month, I would like to challenge that idea! I believe feelings of sadness, worries, and anger are all normal human emotions. What we may want to try is accepting them to manage them, rather than rejecting them.

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A photo of child grasping a handful of leaves while playing outside. The photo is on a purple background that reads in white lettering: “Creative Arts Therapists Be Like…Imagine The Possibilities.”
Creativity and Healing
Amanda Mitchell, LCPC, BC-DMT

Taking Risks: Imagine the Possibilities

As a Creative Arts Therapist, entrepreneur, and general lover of the creative process, I find that I am most myself when I am exploring my curiosity and dreaming about what could be.

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Image description: Two hands coming from either side of the frame holding a black paper heart together against a blurry gray background.
Couples and Intimate Partners
Jordan Ferranto, LCPC, ATR

Are You There For Me?

Around Valentine’s Day, many of us start to evaluate either the abundance or the lack of love we feel in our lives. Most of us like to know who we can count on when things get tough, especially as we continue to collectively survive the COVID-19 pandemic. In our most intimate relationships, we often find ourselves asking a seemingly simple question – are they going to be there for me?

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