Creative Arts Therapy in Chicago

InTouch and Motion is a multi-lingual creative arts therapies practice that provides psychotherapy and wellness services for children, adults, families and couples in Chicago, IL

You are more than your thoughts. Your emotions, physical bodies, spiritual connections, purposes, and relationships make you who you are and give you your identity. At Intouch and Motion, we strive to create an open, healing environment for you to explore, grow, and nurture different parts of yourself. Our therapies include art therapy, music therapy, drama therapy, and dance/movement therapy.

But why is this approach so important for your healing journey?

Because it recognizes that you are multifaceted, with emotions and experiences that extend far beyond words alone. Instead of simply talking through your thoughts and emotions, you are encouraged to explore them through movement, imagery, and sensory experiences. By engaging in creative expression, you can uncover parts of yourself that may have been dormant or overlooked, leading to profound insights and growth.

Creative arts therapy can potentially address not only your mental and emotional well-being but also your physical and spiritual wellness.
Through art, music, dance/movement, or other artistic mediums, you can express yourself in ways you might never have imagined possible.

Let’s talk

When scheduling a free 15 minute phone consultation, our Intake Coordinator will respond to your request and you will get an email confirmation for your appointment time. They will give you a call at the time of your appointment, gather some information, and answer any questions.

Find a therapist that’s right for you

Our therapists are trained counselors and offer “talk therapy” but can also make suggestions on additional creative ways to address your needs. If art-making, dance/movement, creative writing, body awareness, music, or mindfulness are tools you would like to explore, we can pair you with a therapist to guide you through those creative processes.

“We strive to own and get in touch with the essence of what makes us who we are, creating positive growth and movement in our lives.”

Our therapists have diverse backgrounds with areas of practice that benefit everyone

Working one-on-one with a psychotherapist can provide a sense of safety and confidence in exploring your thoughts, feelings, and behaviors while gaining a sense empowerment and direction in your life. Whether you are feeling sad, anxious, or uncertain of that next chapter, there is a path forward.

Being a good parent doesn’t mean you have to do it alone. In a nurturing, communicative, and fun environment, you and your child can gain the skills and understanding needed to be successful, gaining autonomy and responsibility.

The body is the vessel in which we experience our emotions, sensations, thoughts, and memories. Dance/movement therapist use a range of practices from breath work and body awareness, to full-body expressive movement to connect with our body and gain new insight and healing.

Art Therapy is a modality of psychotherapy that incorporates art- making as a central way to access, clarify, process, and express thoughts, ideas, and emotions. Artwork may be explored with the guidance of the art therapist by either addressing the art-making process, the final art project, or both.

Stepping into a scene from the past, present, or future can help you to heal or work through your experiences. Drama therapy uses intentional theatrical techniques as a way to play through your emotions in a safe and creative way to achieve catharsis.

Expressive Arts Therapy is a multimodal/intermodal approach that combines visual arts, movement, drama, music, writing and other creative processes to encourage personal growth and communal connection.

Whether your goal is to improve your communication, build trust, increase intimacy, or let go of old baggage, having an outside objective perspective can help you establish strength and resiliency in your relationship.

Group therapy allows individuals to develop self-awareness by listening to and engaging with others with similar issues. Work towards a common goal and know you are not alone.

We as humans are inherently musical. In music therapy, an individual’s music is viewed as the outward manifestation of an internal process and is honored, not judged. Use the power of music to reach depths of experience that are beyond conscious awareness.

Intimacy counseling is for individuals or couples who want to focus on their sex life, creating or reestablishing intimacy and communication with your partner or partners.

Main Office

4028 W Irving Park R, Loft B
Chicago IL 60641

Transit/Parking: Metered parking is available in front of our building on Irving Park Rd., as well as some street parking available on Pulaski Ave. Our office is near the Irving Park Blue Line and Metro stop.

You will see our logo sign on the building entry door on Irving Park Rd.

Satellite Office

4001 N Ravenswood Ave, Suite 204-C
Chicago IL 60613

Transit/Parking: Open parking available on Ravenswood Avenue in front of the building. Our Ravenswood Satellite office is near the Irving Park Brown Line stop.

This office is situated inside Awakenings, an art gallery that exhibits works created by those impacted by sexual trauma.

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